Impact of GST on Startups

Seen as one of the biggest tax reforms, the Goods and Services Tax is set to bring forth unprecedented transformation of the Indian economy. GST is focused on removing the tax barriers for the businesses and the consumers by creating a single market.The GST bill is believed to fuel the economic integration of the Indian economy. However, there is a lot of conjecture around whether our markets are strong enough to sustain the impact of a radical change of this magnitude.

India has a complex ecosystem where it becomes difficult for new startups to navigate with various kinds of policies & direct taxes. Though the Indian startups have welcomed the new GST bill.  Now the question is, “How is GST going to affect Startups? Should startups be worried or should they breathe a sigh of relief.”

Considering all these aspects, the upcoming Startup Saturday is all set to take a look at some of the major impacts of GST on startups in India. Come and join us on 12 August 17 @ IIT-ISM Dhanbad to understand more about the impact of GST on your startup. 

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Rahul Kumar Singhania

Chartered Accountant

Director at KDNR Tax Solutions Pvt. Ltd and Partner at P.K. Gutgutia & Co.

Kanhaiya Agarwal

Chartered Accountant

Director at KDNR TAX Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Partner at Mittal Agarwal & Associates

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12 Aug, 2017
03:00 PM to 05:30 PM
Dhanbad - 826001

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