Startup Saturday Kolkata

Startup Saturday Kolkata
Theme - Learning from the Journey
Event Schedule
10:00am - Registration
11:00am - Welcome Address
11:15am - Keynote Speaker
  • Mr. Abhijit Das, Founder, Lemongrass
12noon - Saving pennies Creating wealth
  • Mr. Aaquib Hussain, Cofounder, I & We Engagements
  • Mr. Gopal Paul, Founder and CEO, Izifiso
  • Mr. Abhisekh Gupta, Cofounder, Tootle
  • Mr. Rohit Mall, Founder and CEO, Pedagoge
  • Moderator - Mr. Mukesh Agarwal, Cofounder and CEO, Innoraft
1:00pm - Networking Lunch
2:00pm - From the Classroom
  • Ms. Reya Ahmed, Cofounder, Saintbrush
  • Ms. Ramita Sen, Managing Director, Calcutta Chronicles Media
  • Ms. Chandrayee Chattopadhyay, Creative Head, Kreativ
  • Mr. Sayan Chakrobarty, Founder and CEO, WTF!-Where's The Food!
  • Moderator - Mr. Ranodeep Saha, Headstarter
3:00pm - Start and Headstart
  • Mr. Umesh Bhutoria, Founder and CEO, E-CUBE Energy Trading
  • Mr. Mukesh Agarwal, Cofounder and CEO, Innoraft
  • Moderator - Mr. Abhinaba Dey, Headstarter
3:45pm - Game of Funds
  • Mr. Saksham Karwal, Cofounder, SeenIt
  • Moderator - Mr. Abhishek Biyani, Headstarter
4:15pm - Yes! She can...
  • Ms. Preeyam Budhia, Director, Addlife Caring Minds
  • Ms. Somrwita Guha, Founder, Papercup
  • Moderator - Umesh Bhutoria, Founder and CEO, E-CUBE Energy Trading
5:00 - Closing Note
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Date and Time: 10th September 2016, 10am
Venue: NASSCOM Startup Warehouse, 7th Floor, Mani Bhandar Building, Webel Bhawan, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata
Entry Fee: Online - 200.00 INR | On Spot - 300.00 INR
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Event Details

10 Sep, 2016
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Webel Bhavan - Nasscom Warehouse 10k Startup
Monibhandar Building, 7th Floor
Sector V
Kolkata - 700091

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